Bardstown is a new blend of bourbon from a new blend of bourbon makers. So blending modern video chat technology and
good old-fashioned sampling was the easy answer to overcome Covid-restricted field sales. Arnold teamed with Bardstown
to design, print and manufacture 7000 sampling kits – consisting of a self-mailer presentation carton, product labels and a tasting mat – that could be safely mailed to current and potential customers. The kits delivered 4 of Bardstown’s premium bourbons and the educational tasting mat to guide recipients through each bourbon’s unique flavor profile during a palette-pleasing web chat with the Bardstown Bourbon sales team. Raise a glass to blending know-how!ves were developed with “Powerful Clean. Beautiful Smile.” becoming the brand’s tagline and thematic driver for design development across packaging and merchandising POS. Product color studies were also conducted to determine the appropriate palette for the Pro Series+ line of toothbrushes. Additionally, Arnold was tasked with developing and manufacturing 400 custom merchandising displays in 2 sizes for in-office use.


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Arnold is a Cincinnati-based brand design and print technology company specializing in consumer package design, retail point-of-purchase (POP), retail point-of-sale (POS) and marketing collateral to deliver transformative brand development and activation for our clients. Through integrated design, adaptation and conventional/digital printing and finishing capabilities, Arnold makes compelling physical touchpoints and connective brand experiences real.